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Misanthur - Ruins (demo 2016)
From ruins through black clouds, always towards the entropy



Three prophets collected under the banner of Misanthur, the God of Suffering, Anxiety, hidden desires and passions, everyday struggles, and stagnation.
The clash of industrialization of nature becomes more pronounced with every turn of the clock. Man - in the middle of this battle, is still unperturbed and unaware of their impending doom. Three wastelands prophets warn their impure followers in the name of god named Misanthur...

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  •   +48 535 221 763
  •   Albert Paciulan
    Karczewice, ul. Wolności 55
    Kłomnice 42-270
  •   misanthur@gmail.com

  •   +48 603 244 228
  •   Paulina Nowak
  •   novac66management@gmail.com