The only constant thing is change. The only sure thing is entropy.


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The Ascension
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The Deepest Voids
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Releases October 15, 2021

1. Enter the Void (07:44)
2. Dense Mental Trace (02:48)
3. On the Heights of Despair (06:51)
4. Essence (08:03)
5. Black Clouds & No Silver Linings (07:38)
6. Ephemeris (06:21)
7. The Serpent Crawls (09:14)
8. Crush the Stone with the Sea (07:09)
Total: 00:55:48

Guest musicians:
Agnieszka Leciak – guest vocals on “Essence”

Hellscythe – Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizers, FXs, Drums, Programming
Draugr – Bass Guitar, Drum Programming

Recording studio: Witchshifter Studio
Producer: Hellscythe

Mix / master: Witchshifter Studio / Albert Paciulan (Hellscythe)
Czyściec Studio / Michał Kuźniak (premix & reamping)

Cover art: Januz Miralles

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